Isobutene- A Brief About This Flammable Gas

Many organic compounds have the same molecular formula but their structural formula varies hen these substances are called isomers. Isomers are generally possible in compounds that have a long chain. These are formed due to different kinds of bonds. If the carbon-carbon bond is in a row it forms a long chain. But in other isomers of it the bonding will vary but the chemical formula will not change.

In the case of butene also known as butylenes commonly, the formula is C4H8. It means there are four carbon atoms and eight hydrogen atoms in this compound. With this combination two known structures are possible. In the first one all the carbon atoms are attached in a row to each other. This is called butene. Another possibility is three carbon atoms are linked to one carbon atom and one hydrogen atom. This combination gives the structure to isobutene.

Organic compounds are generally given their name by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. According to it the name of isobutene is 2-methyl propene or simply methyl propene. It is also called isobutylene commonly and is a member of the olefins or the alkenes.

This flammable gas has wide applications in industry and is the base for the production of many chemical compounds. It is colorless and in gaseous state at normal temperatures and pressure. It can be polymerized easily so it has been widely used in the manufacture of plastics, resins and synthetic rubber.

When petroleum is cracked a variety of substances are obtained and isobutene is one of them. It is isolated by making the crude react with sulfuric acid. It can be obtained in by the dehydrogenation of isobutane in industries.

Being flammable in nature it is always dangerous to store it in bulk and unsafe conditions. It will explode if it comes in contact and if it is released to the atmosphere it can cause asphyxiation. These are some of the facts about isobutene.
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